9.11.01 – 9.11.13 Twelve Years Later

Operation Noble Eagle

On this 9/11, twelve years since the horrible attacks on New York City and Washington DC, please take a moment to reflect, and remember all 2,977 victims including 343 FDNY members, 60 Police officers, and 8 private service EMTs who lost their lives.


In addition to those who were lost in the direct attack, take a moment to think about those sickened or injured during the recovery process.


Words can’t begin to describe the impact to those of us who responded to the WTC site in the days, weeks, and months after the attack. We will never forget the horrendous memories that filled the southern tip of Manhattan.



Consider sharing this post as a reminder to others that 9/11/01 is not an event that should be remembered once a year. Instead, think about those whose lives were directly impacted, and live every day with reminders of what occurred in NY, DC, and PA.