November Rescue Training (Airbags & Rescue Tools)

For our department’s November rescue drill, members tested and put to use our rescue tools (commonly referred to as Jaws of Life) and air bags. Air bags are put to service to lift heavy object such as a vehicle from a trapped person.

Fortunately, the Manchester Fire Department has not needed to put this equipment to  much use lately, but with slick winter roads approaching a refresher will help make sure both our tools, and our members, are ready to go when needed.

October Fire Training (Propane/Chimney Snuffer Nozzle)

The Manchester Fire Department’s October training session focused on two topics. Propane fire emergencies, specifically using multiple hand lines to create safe access for a firefighter to turn off the valve feeding a propane fire.

Second, Ladder Captain Healy demonstrated setting up and operating the chimney snuffer nozzle from our tower truck. With winter heating season just around the corner this refresher will help us be ready to quickly and safely knock down any chimney fires that we might be called to.

As a reminder to all homeowners, now is the time to make sure your chimney, and heating systems have been professionally cleaned and inspected. A little maintenance before winter can save you from a visit by your local fire department later.

August Fire Training: Handlines, SCBA Containment

The MFD’s August fire training included several different tasks that various members were able to take part in. While all of the evolutions were basic skills used in the fire service, having an opportunity to practice them in a non-emergency setting helps reinforce what we “already know”, while still giving us a chance to practice new techniques.

Tasks included

  • Hooking to a hydrant and laying in large diameter hose.
  • Advancing handlines and operating nozzles in both fog and smoothbore configurations while using full SCBA equipment.
  • Repacking speedlays to ensure proper deployment.
  • Operation of the department’s new containment system that provides firefighter protection during SCBA filling.
  • Utilization of Rescue 10’s booster system to fill 4500PSI air cylinders.


July Aerial Training

In July the MFD took the opportunity to do some aerial ladder training while observing some of the solar photovoltaic systems that have been installed on commercial buildings in the downtown area.

During this training we were able to get some fantastic views of the community.