Oil Tank Fire 04/17/2014

On April 17, 2014 at approximately 11:24AM the Manchester Fire Department was alerted to a possible structure fire on Depot Street. Original reports suggested that a dining establishment may be on fire. Upon arrival Chief Bourn identified an old tank as the source of the fire. Work crews had been dismantling the tank with cutting torches and had inadvertently ignited oil that remained in the bottom of the tank. Although there was little visible fire, a crew with Engine 5 stretched a hose line to cool smoldering buildup from the walls of the tank, and to cover the remaining oil product in a protective layer of foam. Engine 2 also responded to the scene with support personnel. The State Of Vermont Hazmat Team was notified of the incident, and the MFD cleared the scene within the hour.

All Images: Mike Bober/MFD/Northshire Photo


Manchester Tractor Parade 2013

Tower 1 led the Manchester Tractor Parade from Dorr Farm on Bonnet Street around the two new roundabouts, and back up Main Street past MEMS this evening. Thank you to the Manchester and the Mountains Chamber of Commerce for inviting us to participate, and Dutton Berry Farm for providing the beautiful wreath. Most of all, thank you to the huge crowds that came out to cheer the parade along.

Wood Ash Safety Tips

C1, C3, Engine 5, Hose, Manchester Fire Department, ManchesterVT, MFD-131125-1

On November 25, Engine 5 and Brush 1 responded to a report of a burn that had grown and become uncontrolled. On arrival, the chiefs discovered that the fire was contained to a compost/leaf pile and was actually caused by improperly disposed of ashes.

Please be extra cautious when cleaning out your stove or fireplace and follow these tips.

  • All ashes should then be stored in a fire-resistant metal container with a tight fitting cover. This helps keep air from blowing through and disturbing ashes which can leave hot coals exposed for reigniting. Ashes should NEVER be disposed of in plastic, cardboard, or paper containers. Never use a vacuum cleaner to pick up ashes.
  • The metal container should be placed outdoors, away from anything that can burn. It should NOT be placed next to a firewood pile, up against or in a garage, on or under a wood deck, or porch.
  • Make sure there are no hot spots left in the ashes before disposal. This is done by soaking them in water or letting them sit for several days and double checking for hot spots.

November Rescue Training (Airbags & Rescue Tools)

For our department’s November rescue drill, members tested and put to use our rescue tools (commonly referred to as Jaws of Life) and air bags. Air bags are put to service to lift heavy object such as a vehicle from a trapped person.

Fortunately, the Manchester Fire Department has not needed to put this equipment to  much use lately, but with slick winter roads approaching a refresher will help make sure both our tools, and our members, are ready to go when needed.

Thank You Chief Walter B. Read Sr.

On October 30, 2013, members of the Manchester Fire Department and other local fire departments assisted the East Dorset Fire Department in laying their former chief, Walter B. Read Sr. to rest.

1028-loc-walterread_20131027Walter was very instrumental in starting the Vermont Fire School. He was the East Dorset fire chief for many years and was a lifetime member of the International Service of Fire Chiefs, the New England Association of Fire Chiefs, the Vermont Fire Chiefs and the Vermont Firefighters Association.

While many of our department’s personnel may have never known Chief Read directly, we have all benefited by his dedication to the fire service, and the advancements in education he provided for us.

Thank you, East Dorset Fire Department for including us in the service.

Thank you, Chief Read for the work you did for our community.

See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/rutlandherald/obituary.aspx?n=walter-b-read&pid=167702510&fhid=12410#sthash.acYtI2x2.dpuf

Fire Prevention Day At MEMS and Northshire Day School

Members from the Manchester Fire Department visited both the Manchester Elementary Middle School and Northshire Day School in honor of Fire Prevention Month. Varying lessons were taught depending on age, but all students were able to get a firsthand view of our department’s apparatus and equipment.

October Fire Training (Propane/Chimney Snuffer Nozzle)

The Manchester Fire Department’s October training session focused on two topics. Propane fire emergencies, specifically using multiple hand lines to create safe access for a firefighter to turn off the valve feeding a propane fire.

Second, Ladder Captain Healy demonstrated setting up and operating the chimney snuffer nozzle from our tower truck. With winter heating season just around the corner this refresher will help us be ready to quickly and safely knock down any chimney fires that we might be called to.

As a reminder to all homeowners, now is the time to make sure your chimney, and heating systems have been professionally cleaned and inspected. A little maintenance before winter can save you from a visit by your local fire department later.